The Van Phu Victoria Project – Hanoi


The Van Phu – Victoria Project, locating in Van Phu New Urban Area, center of Ha Dong District, Hanoi, where concentrating many important transportation ways of Hanoi. Within less than 15 minutes moving by car, we would have chances viewing the new central area of Hanoi.

The Van Phu Victoria is located in right heart of Van Phu Urban Area, center of Ha Dong District, where converges many arterial roads of the capital. Only less than 15 minutes to move by car we can see the new center of Hanoi capital.

– Eastern borders of new administrative center of Ha Dong district.
– Southeast is adjacent to green park – lake equable, green lung of Ha Dong, scale of 100 hectares.
– Western borders Cleve project – Korean.

Convergence of the axial transports

– Highway 6 expansion
– Lang Ha – Le Van Luong prolonged street – will complete on 1000 year anniversary of Thang Long.
– Le Trong Tan Street
– High-speed Cat Linh – Ha Dong Railway


Concept: The overall planning and design ideas are originated from townships in Tokyo, Japan. Asian philosophy and Feng Shui are the core characters that have been inspired into the project design by Japanese architects and planners

Imagery: The towers offer a sexy look, which have been polished by the soft curves simulated the image of the elegant goddess of Victory (Victoria) and conquers the challenge of height with the sustainable and solid foundation of Van Phu new urban area – the shinning glory of Ha Dong silk city.

Water features: With the idea of lotus by the stream, so the whole system aquariums are inter connected among the towers to create the flow along the streets and finally poured on the emphasized lotus pond at center square of the project. Water features are used as a mean to split the crowded nature of shopping space and area to rest and relax.

Landscape: The eco green space is expanded to the maximum, shift into the architectural space to increase the beauty of landscape and shadow shading, preventing the noise and dust from the movement of vehicles.

Underground: Two basements with area cover throughout the site to provide enough space for the technical system, backup equipment, and safety in case of troubles.

Commercial: The podium is designed with alternate walking corridors through each floor to create the sense of business and packed, making people feel like going shopping at the markets in Hong Kong or Japan.

Entertainment & commercial combined service will be arranged at the lower floors of the building and provides a collection of many famous brands. You will be ready to create a new lifestyle, civilization and shopping, enjoy delicious meals at this residential area and relax in the spa, cafe on weekends without having to travel.

Education – Healthcare: International hospitals, kindergartens, schools are given the priorities with spacious, airy space and modern equipment. You will be assured with the learning environment and quality health care for the young talents of the country’s future.


Elevator: High speed elevator system designed according to local service followed vertical axis allow travel to the top floor within seconds, making you feel like living on a flat surface.

Security: Security system with security center located in the basement floor ihas remote monitoring function with 24/24 multi-camera system, alerts and security instructions automatically when any issue occurs to ensure maximum safety for residents.

Parking: static traffic system for parking is designed the standards in Japan where people travel mainly by car. One needs not ever concern for the drive and where to park their vehicles.

We will do our utmost to cooperate closely with foreign partners: design consultant, construction contractors, project management unit and site supervision consultants with international qualification and professionalism to create this masterpiece for the community.

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