Business Fields

– Designing the power system for the public & industrial work.
– Monitoring the works of bridge, road in the field of construction – completion;
– Designing the work of water supply – drainage;
– Designing the work of  bridge, road;
– Designing the irrigation work, the structure for the industrial & public work;
– Providing the service of real estate consultancy;
– Providing the service of broking the real estate;
– Trading real estate;
– Consulting, establishing the project for the constructions of the public, industrial work, defense,  traffic, irrigation, technical infrastructure, water drainage and environment (operating under the registered practice license);
– Constructing various houses;
– Designing total ground, architecture, interior and exterior for the public & industrial work.
– Designing the power system for the public & industrial work;
– Designing & planning the construction;
– Importing & exporting the Goods traded by the Company;
– Providing the Purchasing, Selling & Depositing Agents;
– Trusting the import & export;
– Providing the commercial advertising, broking, promotion;
– Providing the domestic & international travel agencies and the travel services;
– Providing the customer & goods transportation by car under the contract;
– Trading hotel, restaurant, supermarket, commercial center, eco-tourism area, area of sport, entertainment (excluding bar, karaoke room and dance hall);
– Manufacturing, purchasing the construction materials, decorations for interior and exterior;
– Manufacturing, purchasing, repairing, warranting the engine & synchronous line used in the construction;
– Installing, decorating interior and exterior for the construction work;
– Consulting the investment in the public & industrial work, infrastructure, new urban area, industrial park, processing zone, economic zone, clearing the environment in residential clusters; (excluding the legality & finance consultancy);
– Constructing the public & industrial work, technical infrastructure;
– Conducting the report assessing the environmental impacts, monitoring the environmental impacts to the quality of the work, the infrastructure in rural and urban area;
– Providing EPC general contractor and the construction general contractor under the form of “Key-to-hand”;
– Providing the service of assessing the standard quality for goods in the field of construction;
– Providing the service of assessing the quality of the construction;
– Testing the building materials, and structure;
– Verifying the quality: Construction, interior for the construction, environment, defining the reason of failure and giving the method for repairing, assessing the remaining value of the products;
– Managing the project, monitoring the construction and installing the equipments for the construction (within the scope of the registered practice license);
– Establishing the invitation for bids and analyzing, assessing the bidding documents: installing equipment, purchasing goods, selecting consultancy, consulting the foreign investment (excluding  defining the package price in the construction);
– Verifying the investment project, technical design and total estimation and settlement of the constructions (within the scope of the registered practice license);
– Surveying the work, leveling ground;
– Monitoring the installation of the technological one for water drainage; monitoring the installation of the electrical equipment; monitoring the installation of the ventilation equipment, air-conditioner, heat supply; monitoring the installation of mechanical equipment, the industrial- mechanical one for the public & industrial work;
– Monitoring the construction and completion for: Industrial & public work; engineering geology and infrastructure, the road & public work; work of water supply & drainage; technical infrastructure;
– Designing the water drainage;
– Designing the work structure;
– Establishing the construction project of the public & industrial work, defense, traffic, irrigation and technical infrastructure, water drainage  and environment.