Hoa Phat Steel Complex – Kinh Mon, Hai Duong


Hoa Phat Steel Complex which is invested by Hoa Phat Steel Corporation is built on an area of 90 hectares at Hiep Son Commune, Kinh Mon district, Hai Duong province with a capacity of up to 850,000 tonnes / year using a closed furnace technology. Consultancy and Investment TEXO Joint Stock Company was selected as the unit of Consultant Supervision for the project.

Complex systems consist of a plant such as iron ore processing plant, lime production, plant production ore sintering and pelletizing, iron making plant, steel plant, steel mill and electric plant in service repair facility. The main products of the complex are steel, steel building materials produced from iron ore and coking coal. Factory system in the Complex is a complete closed line, the product of this plant is the input of the other plants. The model of a closed steel gives the advantage KLH proactive input sources, and is particularly important to ensure quality control which is synchronized to the market as products with online edged prices.

The project is divided into 02 phases: The first phase has a capacity of 350,000 tonnes / year and officially came into operation in early 2010. Phase II has a capacity of about 500,000 tonnes / year and has just started construction on the first quarter of 2012 and is now expected to be completed in late 2013. The project is a model of iron and steel complex which was built as a whole in order to optimize the value added chain in the cycle of metallurgy, being the largest modern in Vietnam today.

After the project goes into full operation capacity, annually Hoa Phat Steel Joint Stock Company will contributes about 10,000 billion in revenue for the Group, Hoa Phat concurrently become the leading steel manufacturer in Vietnam.

The production capacity of the complex (after completion of the second investment phase):
– Iron ore processing plant capacity of 300,000 tons of ore / year
– Cast iron smelter capacity of 850,000 tons / year
– Steel smelter capacity of 850,000 tons / year
– Factory-rolled steel capacity of 850,000 tons / year

Some photos about  the project:

100m tall Chimney

Finished Silo

Site under construction

Panoramic project

Panoramic project

onsultant Supervision  Staffs from Consultancy and Investment  TEXO JSC.

Project panoramic views from high above

Project panoramic views from high above