The Golden Palace Project – Me Tri, Tu Liem, Hanoi


Placing in a “Golden Land Area” of Hanoi, the Golden Palace (Me Tri, Tu Liem, Hanoi) is now having special attention of Investors and people.

 Although the market of real estate is now well now, the Golden Palace Project, with its advantage points that no others can compare, is evaluated as an interesting project and can be greatly success for investment.

Being invested by Mai Linh Investment Company, the Golden Palace Project, placing at the new center of Hanoi, belonging to the Plan of Sport – Culture Area at the South – West of the Capital, where having landmark projects of Hanoi such as: The National Sport Consortium, Moscow House in Hanoi, Viet Trung Center, parks, Keangnam Hanoi Landmark Tower, The Manor, Petro Tower… The project is having modern architectural, multi functions of luxury apartment, trade center and office…

As per the design, the Golden Palace Project is comprises of Trade Center with public areas, catering areas included many luxury, international standards restaurants, shopping mall, swimming pools, sport center, spa…..; the Apartment Area comprises pf many typical Apartment and more than 20 modern penthouse, living room and bed room are having balconies, clear and full of light, suitable with the climate of Vietnam. The Office Area is having large space and view with luxury equipments. Especially, the Golden Palace is having 4 basements; 8 lifts/building, total of lift is 24 pieaces for 3 buildings. This is the most luxury standards for the Project in the area. Beside, the Golden Palace is equiped with modern security systems included CCTV cams, fire alarming sensors, electric locks… in order to ensure the safe for people living in the project. It is reasons that the Golden Palace Project is considered as a new style in the market of real estate.

Together with modern design and comfort, the Golden Palace is also having advantages such as beautiful location, inside the planning of the city, having nice environment from the surrounding community, large cultural parks of the city, nice environmental of living….

Features about the Project:

Owner: Mai Linh Investment Corporation
Design Consultant: DA Group (Korea); Kitaka Architecture JSC (Vietnam)
Contractor: Keangnam Enteprises Group (Korea)
Consultant Supervision: Consultancy and Investment CONINCO Jsc., (CONINCO-INVEST)
Here are some pictures of the work: