The 2nd Congress of TEXO Trade Union for the term 2023-2028

On the morning of May 29, 2023, at the headquarters of the Company, the Trade Union of TEXO Consultancy and Investment Joint Stock Company successfully organized the 2nd Congress of the Trade Union, for the term 2023-2028.

The Trade Union Congress is a comprehensive political activity with great significance for each trade union member. It serves as a forum for each delegate, who is a trade union member, to exercise their rights and obligations in participating in the construction of a strong and developing trade union organization. The TEXO Trade Union Congress for the term 2023-2028 summarized and evaluated the union movement and activities during the 2017-2023 term. It outlined the direction and tasks of the trade union for the 2023-2028 term and elected a new Executive Committee to lead and fulfill the trade union’s tasks for the Company during the 2023-2028 term.

The 2nd Congress of TEXO Trade Union for the term 2023-2028

The Trade Union of TEXO has been a grassroots trade union under the Trade Union of the Ministry of Construction since 2015, marking a period of significant development for TEXO’s trade union. In March 2023, the TEXO Trade Union officially joined the Trade Union of Construction of Vietnam, with a total of 251 active union members distributed among 11 departmental union groups (including the office union group and various union groups within the center). All union groups are well-organized and actively engaged. 100% of the company’s staff holds a degree of university level or higher. The company’s Party cell currently consists of 15 Party members (12 males and 3 females), who regularly participate in activities once a month. This reflects the quantitative and qualitative development of the TEXO Trade Union in recent years.

The Congress was attended by Mr. Pham Xuan Hai – Vice Chairman of the Trade Union of Construction of Vietnam, Ms. Nguyen Ngoc Huyen – Member of the Standing Committee, Head of the propaganda committee – female worker of the Trade Union of Construction of Vietnam, and Ms. Dao Thi Hong Thuy – Deputy Head of the organization – inspection committee of the Trade Union of Construction of Vietnam.

From TEXO Company, there were the participation of Mr. Do Quoc Huynh – Party Secretary of the company, General Director, Mr. Nguyen Quang Vinh – Deputy Party Secretary, Deputy General Director, Mr. Le Anh Tra – Deputy General Director, along with nearly 80 delegates representing 251 employees, officials, and members of TEXO.

According to the report, during the term 2017-2023, the TEXO Trade Union operated in a context of both favorable and challenging conditions. Despite the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic from 2019 until now, under the guidance, attention, and favorable conditions created by the higher-level trade union and the leadership of the Party cell and the company, the trade union has stood side by side with the company to overcome many difficulties, actively participated in creative labor emulation, unity, and solidarity to successfully accomplish all assigned tasks. TEXO has maintained stable production, ensured revenue targets, sustainable growth, and secured average income for workers. TEXO trade union members are the backbone force participating in various key projects across many provinces and cities nationwide.

Mr. Pham Xuan To – Chairman of the TEXO Trade Union for the term 2017-2023, presented the summary report

The Trade Union consistently adheres to and timely disseminates the Party’s directions, state laws, sectoral guidelines, and policies to all union members. Particularly, there is active implementation of studying and following Ho Chi Minh’s moral example, coupled with the cultivation of a cultural lifestyle. Efforts are made to encourage union members to uphold awareness of legal compliance, labor regulations, and TEXO’s cultural policies.

The care for the lives of union members and workers is always a priority, carried out regularly and promptly. Each year, the Trade Union organizes the Workers’ Conference as required. Worker representatives, alongside the union leadership, engage in negotiations and sign collective labor agreements to ensure the benefits of workers, providing more favorable conditions than stipulated by labor laws. The Trade Union maintains various meaningful programs and activities such as “Worker’s Month,” spring trips, vacations, birthdays, and celebrations of children’s festivals, and the Mid-Autumn Festival. Notably, the Trade Union consistently emphasizes the implementation of activities for visiting, supporting, and initiating contributions to assist union members facing difficulties within the Company.
During the past term, the Trade Union has undertaken several notable activities:

At the congress, representatives from the Trade Union members of Centers 1 and 9 delivered speeches proposing contributions to the conference with two main themes: “Ensuring Occupational Safety and Health” and “Promoting Innovation in Labor, Building a Professional Working Style to Develop in the Difficult Post-Pandemic Context.”

In his directive speech at the Congress, Mr. Pham Xuan Hai – Vice Chairman of the Trade Union of Construction of Vietnam, emphasized that through the reports and contributions of the union members, encouraging achievements of the TEXO Trade Union have been observed, reflecting a genuine concern for the human resources of the TEXO Trade Union. For a business model like TEXO, whose central political task is production and business, thus promoting the development of trade union activities, this aspect has been well-implemented by TEXO.

After the congress, the new Executive Committee needs to restructure the personnel apparatus systematically, intensify propaganda work, educate political ideologies, disseminate regulations and rules to workers, effectively implement focused and key emulation movements, carry out the Base Democracy Regulations well, enhance the care for workers’ lives, vigorously implement social welfare work, complete the personnel, and improve the quality of the Trade Union Executive Committee.

Mr. Pham Xuan Hai – Vice Chairman of the Trade Union of Construction of Vietnam delivered directive remarks at the Congr

At the conference, Deputy General Director Nguyen Quang Vinh highly praised the activities of the Trade Union. The TEXO Trade Union has evolved significantly from a subordinate union unit, and it has grown both in quantity and quality, following a systematic approach and ensuring compliance with union regulations. Thanks to the guidance and direction of the higher-level union, the TEXO Trade Union has actively participated in numerous programs, achieving remarkable success. It has been consistently recognized for several years as an outstanding grassroots union, fulfilling its duties excellently.

Deputy General Director Nguyen Quang Vinh expressed hope that the new Executive Committee would continue to strengthen and develop the Trade Union, introducing innovative activities, enhancing the capabilities of union officials, and focusing on the well-being of union members and workers. The emphasis should be on representing, safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of union members and laborers in accordance with the law.

Mr Nguyen Quang Vinh – Deputy Secretary of the Party Cell, Deputy General Director of TEXO Company, delivered a speech, highly praising the activities of the Trade Union in the past period

The Congress has successfully concluded with the election of the Executive Committee of the Trade Union for the second term, from 2023 to 2028. The newly elected committee comprises seven members, including three females and four males. Young and promising officers have been entrusted with key roles in the Executive Committee, with the hope that they will ensure continuity from the previous term and bring fresh perspectives to the union’s activities

The Executive Committee of the TEXO Trade Union for the term 2023-2028.