Study Building of Hanoi Architecture University (H Building)


The Study Building (H Building) has been being under execution from 07/2010 which is invested and owned by Hanoi Architecture University. TEXO JSC.,is honored to be the consultant supervision unit of the project.

Name of Project: 13-storey study building (H Building) – Hanoi Architecture University

Start: 12/7/2010
Completion: 31/12/2012
Owner: Hanoi Architecture University
Funds: Budget

Description of project:

The buiding consists of 13 storeys and 01 ground floor which have functions as follow: the ground floor is used as a car parking place, the first floor is architecture exhibition space, floors from 2 to 11 are lecture halls, floors 12 and 13 are library center. And the roof floor is designed to become a flower garden where students can take a rest during break time.

Structure, architecture and great with prestressed pressure pile foundation; concrete frame and soundproof walls; aluminum glass door outside which can help get light into the room; Ceramic and Granite tiled floor; rubber carpeted corridor to anti-noise. Every floor has its hall for students to rest in break time.

The classrooms, exhibition rooms, libraries are fully equipped with air conditioning and internet system. The building is also equipped with 04 lifts with 1000 kg load each from the ground floor to the roof floor, and 02 stairs with design of fire escape stair style.