Signing Ceremony of Association between CONINCO-INVEST and DA Group


Following the policy of increasing the quality Consultant Productions, the Management of M/S Consultancy and Investment CONINCO Jsc., has signed a Memorandum of Association for cooperation in consultant activities with M/S DA Eng & Architecture Co., Ltd – DA Group (Korea).

Da Group, founded in Korea, is developing in Korea and many other countries such as America, China, Kazakhstan, Vietnam…. In Vietnam, M/S DA Eng & Architecture Co., Ltd has been participated in many major projects and achieved many great goals form Investors as well as being highly appreciated from them.

During cooperation duration in several project, realized that the capacity, the policy and the advantage fields of each party in construction consultant fields, DA Group and Coninco-Invest have agreed to join in an association for providing construction consultant services; committed to cooperate and support each other to supply construction consultant services as well as rising up the value of trade name of the parties in the fields of construction.

Here are some photos:

The Management of CONINCO-INVEST welcomes the Management of DA Group – Korea
DA Group briefly introduces its history and operation duration in Vietnam
Mr. Do Quoc Huynh – President, General Director of CONINCO-INVEST and Mr. Hyun Ho, Kim – President of DA Group are signing the Memorandum
The Memorandum of Association between CONINCO-INVEST and DA Group is officially become effectived
A shake hand of cooperation between presidents of the parties