Petrowaco Building – 97 Lang Ha

The Project of Construction Investment in renovating old dormitory at 97-99 Lang Ha street is invested by Petrowaco Petroleum Real Estate Company and  TEXO Consultancy and Investment JSC  is consulting and monitoring unit.

The project has a total investment of 622.2 billion, the total land area: 4233.1 m2 is located in a prime location at 97-99 Lang Ha, including 01 mixed 27- floor apartment, office complex, consisting of 7 floors for office and 20-storey condominium, 3 basements and one technical service storey.

The project has a total of 180 apartments with an area ranging from 82.5 m2 to 325 m2, including 66 resettlement apartments, the apartment for business is 124 apartments.

According to cooperative contract signed, Vinaconex cooperates with Petrowaco and the respective proportion is 45% for Vinaconex, 55% for Petrowaco. Estimated construction time is 26.7 months.

Photos of projects: