Condominium for civil servants in Tay Ho District – Nam Thang Long Urban Area, Tay Ho District, Hanoi

The project to build apartments for civil servants of Tay Ho district is under the land fund of 20% of Nam Thang Long new urban area – Phase III, the project with the height of 29 storeys and 31 storeys, built on 5,018 m2 invested by Lac Hong Joint Stock Company in order to contribute to the establishment of high quality of life and follow the development orientation of Hanoi Capital till 2020. TEXO Investment and Consultancy Joint Stock Company is implementing Consultancy services at the project supervision.

Tay Ho District is defined as a service center – tourism, cultural center, a protected area of ​​the natural landscape of Hanoi. The district is located in the northwest of Hanoi.Covering more than 24,0km2, including 8 wards: Buoi, Yen Phu, Thuy Khue, Tu Lien, Quang An, Nhat Tan, Xuan La and Phu Thuong. Long Bien district to the East; West: Tu Liem and Cau Giay districts; Ba Dinh District to the South; North borders with Dong Anh district. Tay Ho District has a relatively flat topography, tending to descend from north to south. Tay Ho district has the lowest population density in urban districts.

Tay Ho district has an area of ​​about 526 ha, lying in the territory of the District, is a beautiful natural landscape of Hanoi and the country, north and east, the Red River flows from the north to the south. The area surrounding the West Lake has many traditional villages with many traditional handicrafts, with many valuable historic buildings, making it one of the most prominent landmarks in the capital.

Recently, the People’s Committee of Hanoi, People’s Committee of Tay Ho District has decided that Lac Hong Investment Corporation is the investor to implement the project to build apartment building to serve public officials in Tay Ho district and agencies. of the city of Hanoi at a plot of land CT03 in the land fund 20% of South Thang Long – Phase III. The project is built on an area of ​​5.018m2. Construction area of ​​2000 m2, building height (excluding basement, technical and elevator) is 29 floors and 31 floors with a total of 448 apartments, each apartment area from 81 to 99 m2. Total floor area is 51,992 m2.

Project in the process of construction

Project in the process of construction

The project is in the finalization phase