Binh Khanh Resettlement Apartment – District 2, Ho Chi Minh City


The project of 1570 apartments in the resettlement area of ​​38.4 ha located in Binh Khanh ward, District 2 has a total investment of 1,667 billion VND and is invested by the joint name of Construction Trade Joint Stock Corporation (Vietracimex) and Pos- ACCo., Ltd Architect-Consultants (Korea).

Binh Khanh residential and resettlement apartment is a part of the plan of building 12,500 resettlement apartments in Thu Thiem New Urban Area in order to resettle on-site for households in five central wards of three area: 30.2 hectars of ​​Binh Khanh (4,216 apartments); 38.4 hectars of ​​Binh Khanh (6,220 apartments); 17.3 hectars of ​​An Phu – Binh Khanh (1,844 apartments).

The project is expected to be completed in 2013. After completion, the apartments will be handed over to the city with full technical and social infrastructure.

Consultancy and Investment TEXO JSC is supplying consultant supervision service for the project.

Some pictures of the project after being completed: